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Apollo Agriculture

Position Overview:

Apollo Agriculture is actively searching for experienced and highly motivated Field Sales Managers to join our Sales team. In this role, you will lead and supervise our field sales agents operating in the counties where our customers are situated. Following an exceptionally successful peak season, marked by surpassing sales targets, we are seeking exceptional sales professionals to enhance our winning team as Field Sales Managers.

As a key representative of the Commercial Department on the ground, the role of a Field Sales Manager is pivotal to Apollo’s success. You will take charge of sales objectives and inspire your team to achieve the business-defined goals. This encompasses overseeing sales performance, including recruitment, training, and development of the field sales agents who manage customer onboarding. As a Field Sales Manager, you will set an example for your team, striving to meet commercial targets within the specified timelines. You will collaborate closely with your team, both in practical field settings and structured training environments. This collaboration will involve identifying obstacles, suggesting solutions, recognizing growth opportunities, and equipping your team to excel in their roles.

This position is regionally based, requiring candidates who are already situated in the regional areas of Apollo’s operations or those willing to relocate to these regions.


Sales Leadership: As a Field Sales Manager, your foremost responsibility is to ensure both you and your team achieve sales targets in the designated wards. You will collaborate closely with the Regional Sales Manager to allocate and conquer these objectives, cascading the strategy to your sales agents.

Agent Recruitment & Performance Management: You will be accountable for assembling, training, and overseeing your adept team of field sales agents. The effectiveness of a Field Sales Manager hinges on the performance of their team. Your team will act as the eyes, ears, and hands on the ground. In your role, you will identify, hire, train, empower, and deploy your team members, positioning them for success—meaningful attainment of sales targets within set deadlines. You will also provide in-field support and conduct regular training. Furthermore, you will oversee the issuance of tools like company-provided smartphones and marketing materials to your agent team.

Budget Oversight: As the team lead for on-ground sales, you will be responsible for the financial allocation within your jurisdiction. This entails adhering to budgetary limits, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and optimal resource utilization. You will be accountable to the Regional Sales Manager for budget management.

Insights & Analysis: Data is an invaluable asset for decision-making. As a Field Sales Manager, you will rely on data to guide your actions and direct your team. You will be expected to provide bi-weekly reports, drawing essential insights from customer and agent interactions. These insights could encompass successful practices employed by high-performing agents and customer feedback on their interactions with Apollo. Additionally, you will test marketing collateral to ensure effective communication within the region.

Sales Initiatives: Your role involves identifying and executing impactful sales initiatives aimed at enhancing performance, such as van roadshows, market activations, and farmer group engagements.

Fraud Detection: Serving as Apollo’s ground-level representative, you will be vigilant for fraudulent activities within your team and the broader customer base, promptly reporting any such incidents to the appropriate department.


To thrive in this role, you should possess the following attributes:

  • A natural inclination for sales, adept at building customer trust and connecting with people.
  • Minimum of 2 years of sales experience, particularly in rural markets.
  • Proven experience in leading successful sales teams.
  • Familiarity with the sales agent model and its key performance indicators.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, a proactive approach, and a penchant for collaboration.
  • Strong analytical capabilities, finding meaning in numbers and deriving actionable insights from data.
  • Proficiency in analytical tools such as Excel.
  • Creative problem-solving abilities, thinking innovatively to overcome challenges.
  • Clear and confident communication skills, effectively conveying sales targets, strategies, and outcomes.
  • Enthusiasm for Apollo’s mission and the capability to instill this excitement in your team and customers.
  • Diploma or Degree in a business-related field.
  • A genuine passion for sales!

Who We Are:

We are a collaborative community of intelligent and ambitious individuals dedicated to serving our customers. We thrive in tackling difficult problems, consistently generating solutions even in the face of challenges. Embracing calculated risks for potentially transformative growth, we understand that setbacks are opportunities for learning and enhancement. We prioritize active listening, valuing diverse viewpoints and ideas, even amidst disagreements. Our environment fosters talent, teamwork, and personal development. We take pride in our work, sharing responsibility from concept to execution.

Our commitment extends to offering competitive compensation and benefits, coupled with engaging projects. We hold autonomy, honesty, transparency, and respect in high regard. We eagerly anticipate connecting with candidates who resonate with our mission and values.

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