Waiter/Waitress-Radisson Hotel Group

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Radisson Hotel Group

Job Responsibilities

  1. Exceeds customer and team expectations by providing exceptional Yes I Can! service and working collaboratively.
  2. Adds value to the customer experience by going above and beyond to meet or surpass their expectations.
  3. Communicates effectively with customers, colleagues, and supervisors.
  4. Demonstrates teamwork by assisting colleagues when needed and meeting Yes I Can! service standards.
  5. Adheres to hotel policies and procedures.
  6. Punctually attends work as scheduled.
  7. Follows personal hygiene standards set by the hotel.
  8. Ensures safety by adhering to all rules and regulations.
  9. Maintains a positive reputation for the Radisson Blu Hotel.
  10. Sets up restaurant tables and chairs before opening.
  11. Cleans and polishes tables, chairs, china, glassware, and cutlery.
  12. Keeps the service station fully stocked during service hours.
  13. Familiar with table numbers and seating to serve guests accurately.
  14. Takes food and drink orders and processes them using the Micros system.
  15. Serves food and drinks, following the correct service sequence and ensuring guests have all necessary items.
  16. Attends to guests’ needs, inquiries, or complaints in the “Yes I can!” spirit.
  17. Reports any issues or complaints to the assigned supervisor promptly.
  18. Clears tables of dirty items, replenishes drinks, and maintains service standards.
  19. Regularly cleans and organizes the service station.
  20. Assists in other areas as required.
  21. Bids farewell to departing guests whenever possible.
  22. Possesses good knowledge of the menu items and their presentation.
  23. Informs the supervisor of any incorrect food or drink presentation.
  24. Trained on the menu, promotions, and approximate preparation times.
  25. Able to serve efficiently and quickly.
  26. Familiar with proper service equipment handling and maintenance.
  27. Attends scheduled outlet meetings and training sessions.
  28. Performs any additional duties assigned by management.
  29. Stays informed about restaurant reservations during the shift.
  30. Proficient in using the Micros system.


  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Point of Sale systems
  3. Catering services
  4. Advanced knowledge of wines
  5. Basic and advanced knowledge of beers and spirits
  6. Experience in both casual and fine dining settings
  7. Money handling
  8. Fluent in English
  9. Culinary degree/training
  10. Knowledge of coffee and tea
  11. Food safety
  12. Safe food handling.

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