Remote Data Entry Specialist at LeadSimple Inc.

LeadSimple Inc.

The mission of the Lead Generation Specialist sources and compiles accurate lead information for Decision Makers in Residential Property Management. They use various techniques and resources to gather essential data, supporting Business Development Representatives (BDRs) in their cold outreach efforts and creating high-quality lead lists.

A day in the life of…
  • Data Accuracy & Structuring: Proficiency in conducting thorough research, verifying the accuracy of gathered data to maintain an 85% accuracy rate, ensuring a reliable and high-quality database for LeadSimple. Strong attention to detail in collecting, organizing, and structuring lead data for BDRs using CVS files, while also documenting best practices and enhancing efficiency based on feedback.
  • CRM Utilization & Efficiency: Expertise in effectively using LeadSimple to organize and structure lead data efficiently, ensuring it is readily available for use by Business Development Representatives.
  • Strategic Cross-Platform Analysis & Industry Trends Monitoring: Conducting strategic research and analysis across multiple platforms such as real estate listings (Zillow,, Sales Navigator, BuiltWith Lists, NARPM, LeadIQ and others to generate high-quality leads. Continuously staying up to date on industry trends, market dynamics and property management softwares to refine lead generation strategies.
  • Collaboration & Seamless Handoff: Ability to collaborate effectively with the BDRs, providing leads aligned with their specific requirements and ensuring a smooth handoff process.

Expectations for your first 90 days:

30 day goals:

  • Outcome: Become proficient in utilizing lead generation tools such as Sales Navigator, BuiltWith Lists, and navigating LeadSimple’s CRM system.
  • Successfully conduct initial research on 250 target property management companies, and get them imported into LeadSimple.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the current lead generation approach, and propose adjustments or improvements to enhance the quality and relevance of the lead list.
  • Document all research methodologies, sources, and insights. Compile a document outlining the gathered data and proposed new strategies for lead generation.

60 day goals:

  • Outcome: Maintain 80% accuracy while expanding the Outbound Pipeline, ensuring data quality and relevance for 600 new property management companies, ensuring these leads meet defined quality standards and criteria.
  • Build on segmented and targeted lead lists specific to different software users (e.g., Buildium, AppFolio, etc.), with a focus on Small and Medium-sized Businesses within the North American market.
  • Test and refine lead generation techniques based on initial feedback and performance data. Adapt our strategies to ensure efficiency and improved lead conversion.

90 day goals:
  • Outcome: Expand the Outbound pipeline  to include lead information for 1200 property management companies while maintaining a 85% accuracy rate, providing a robust repository for targeted outreach efforts.
  • Import a minimum of  300 high-quality leads weekly to the BDR team, ensuring comprehensive and precise information, aiding the team’s effectiveness
  • Collaborate weekly  with the BDR team to ensure the data you collected is maintaining a minimum of 85% accuracy .


  • Compensation: Annual base salary ranging from $22k-$30k based on experience and up to $60K in OTE;
  • 8 Company Holidays + Week off at Christmas
  • 6 weeks Paid Time Off (5 weeks Vacation, 1 week Sick)
  • 1 Volunteer day with the organization of your choice
  • Birthday lunch on us 🎂
  • Monthly Healthcare Allowance
  • Monthly WFH Allowance
  • Yearly Vacation Allowance
  • Fun and outcome driven work environment with a smart, hard working team
  • Location independence
  • Mission driven company and values-based culture

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