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Here are brief descriptions of the available job positions at KRA 2023

  1. Graduate Trainees: Entry-level roles for recent graduates, providing comprehensive training and mentorship for various organizational roles.
  2. Border Control Assistants: Assist in customs and border control activities, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating the movement of goods and people across borders.
  3. Manager – Strategy, Policy Analysis, and Stakeholder Engagement: Oversee strategic initiatives, policy analysis, and stakeholder engagement to drive organizational growth and innovation.
  4. Supervisor – Data Requirements Management: Manage data requirements for the Strategy Innovation and Risk Management Department, ensuring accurate and timely data collection and analysis.
  5. Supervisor – Quality Management Systems: Ensure the organization maintains high-quality standards, processes, and systems to meet regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiency.
  6. Supervisor – Marketing & Communication: Oversee marketing and communication efforts, including campaigns, branding, and media relations, to promote the organization’s image and goals.
  7. Assistant Manager – Marketing & Communication: Support marketing and communication strategies, coordinate campaigns, and engage with stakeholders to enhance the organization’s visibility.
  8. Manager-Marketing & Communication: Lead marketing and communication teams, develop strategies, and manage branding, advertising, and public relations efforts.
  9. Chief Manager – Marketing and Communication: Provide strategic direction for the marketing and communication department, shaping the organization’s public image and reputation.
  10. Assistant Manager – Strategic Reporting: Assist in reporting and analysis within the Strategy Innovation and Risk Management Department to support informed decision-making.
  11. Manager – Organic Chemicals and Polymers Testing: Lead strategic efforts related to testing organic chemicals and polymers, ensuring adherence to quality and safety standards.
  12. Supervisor – ERM Risk Registers: Manage and maintain Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) risk registers, identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them.
  13. Supervisor – External Enquiries (Customs): Handle external inquiries related to customs operations, providing information and support to stakeholders and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.
  14. Supervisor – Data Warehouse (ICT): Oversee data management and storage within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department, ensuring data availability and integrity.
  15. Supervisor (ICT) – Solution Developer (ERP): Develop solutions within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to enhance efficiency and functionality.
  16. Supervisor (ICT) – Service Support: Provide technical support and assistance to users within the ICT department to ensure seamless IT system operation.
  17. Supervisor (ICT) – Solution Developer: Develop and maintain software solutions to address specific organizational needs and improve processes.
  18. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Solution Developer (ERP): Lead the development of ERP solutions, optimizing business processes and enhancing data management.
  19. Assistant Manager (ICT) – DTD Application Support: Provide support for Data Transfer and Distribution (DTD) applications to ensure smooth data flow across systems.
  20. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Service Support: Lead the ICT service support team, managing technical support services and ensuring IT infrastructure reliability.
  21. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Database Administrator: Oversee database management, maintenance, and optimization to ensure data availability and security.
  22. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Incident & Security Surveillance: Manage incident response and security surveillance activities within the ICT department to protect against cybersecurity threats.
  23. Chief Manager – Service Management (ICT): Lead the ICT service management function, ensuring high-quality IT services for the organization.
  24. Supervisor – Customs and Border Control: Supervise customs and border control operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating trade.
  25. Assistant Manager – Post Clearance Audit: Conduct post-clearance audits to verify compliance with customs regulations and identify potential revenue discrepancies.
  26. Assistant Manager – Petroleum Monitoring Unit: Manage the Petroleum Monitoring Unit, overseeing compliance with petroleum-related regulations and ensuring revenue collection.
  27. Assistant Manager – Customs & Border Control: Lead customs and border control activities, ensuring efficient operations and compliance.
  28. Supervisor – Independent Review of Objections (Domestic Taxes): Oversee the independent review of objections related to domestic taxes, ensuring fair and impartial assessments.
  29. Supervisor – Independent Review of Objections (Customs): Manage the independent review process for objections related to customs operations.
  30. Assistant Manager – Independent Review of Objections (Customs): Lead the independent review process for customs objections, ensuring fairness and accuracy.
  31. Assistant Manager – Litigation: Handles legal matters and represents the organization in litigation cases, ensuring legal compliance and protection of the organization’s interests.
  32. Chief Manager – Strategy & Planning (Supply Chain Management): Oversee strategic planning for supply chain management, optimizing processes and ensuring efficient resource allocation.
  33. Manager – Domestic Taxes: Manage and lead the domestic taxes department, overseeing tax collection and compliance efforts.
  34. Manager – Operations Office (Domestic Taxes): Lead operations within the domestic taxes department, ensuring smooth tax collection and enforcement processes.
  35. Manager – Policy & Tax Advisory: Develop tax policies and provide expert tax advisory services to support informed decision-making.
  36. Supervisor – Information Security, Internal Audit Department: Oversee information security within the Internal Audit Department, ensuring data protection and compliance with security standards.
  37. Supervisor – Operations, Intelligence, Strategic Operations, Investigations & Enforcement: Manage and coordinate operations, intelligence, and enforcement activities to support compliance and revenue collection.
  38. Supervisor – Knowledge Management (Strategy & Programmes): Oversee knowledge management efforts within the Strategy & Programmes department, ensuring the efficient use of organizational knowledge.
  39. Manager – Data Quality & Architecture (Strategy, Innovation, and Risk Management): Lead data quality and architecture initiatives, ensuring data integrity and optimizing data management practices.

    How to Apply for the 2023 KRA Jobs

    Please visit the KRA jobs portal using the link below|


    Application Deadline: 29th October 2023

To apply for this job please visit www.kra.go.ke.