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Introduction Kenya has a history of embracing innovative approaches to foster economic development. One such initiative is AJIRA, which operates under the umbrella of KEPSA and aims to provide remote work opportunities through the AJIRA Digital Program.

The AJIRA Digital Program: Bridging Kenya’s Digital Employment Divide

The AJIRA Digital Program AJIRA is committed to transforming the job market in Kenya by leveraging the potential of the digital realm. It acts as a bridge connecting job seekers and employers, particularly in the online and remote work sectors.

KEPSA’s Commitment: Powering Employment in Kenya through AJIRA

KEPSA – Driving Employment in Kenya The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) is a well-known organization dedicated to promoting the growth of the private sector in Kenya. Through their support of initiatives like AJIRA, they contribute significantly to the economic progress of the country.

Navigating Kenya’s Digital Landscape: The AJIRA Survey

Navigating the Digital Landscape In a continuously evolving digital environment, the collection and analysis of data hold great importance. The AJIRA Digital Program has initiated a survey, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Shaping the Future of Digital Work in Kenya: The Role of Call Center Agents

The Role of Call Center Agents Call center agents play a pivotal role in this survey, responsible for gathering valuable data that will shape the future of digital employment in Kenya.

Join AJIRA’s Digital Workforce: Requirements for Trainees

Requirements for AJIRA Trainees To join the ranks of AJIRA Trainees and partake in this exciting opportunity, all you need are a working laptop and a pair of earphones.

Registration Made Easy: How to Sign Up for the AJIRA Survey

How to Sign Up Registering for this survey is a straightforward process. You can access the registration form through this link: Registration Form.

Unlocking Digital Job Opportunities: What to Expect in the AJIRA Survey

What to Expect in the Survey Survey participants can look forward to engaging and informative work. The insights collected will contribute to improving digital job opportunities in Kenya.

AJIRA Digital’s Impact on the Kenyan Job Market

The Impact of AJIRA Digital The influence of AJIRA on the Kenyan job market is tangible. Explore the impact this initiative has had on numerous job seekers.

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