Project Assistant – Financial Inclusion at DanChurchAid (DCA)

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

DanChurchAid (DCA)

Role Summary:

DanChurchAid (DCA) is looking for a proactive and dynamic individual to fill the position of Project Assistant – Financial Inclusion, based in Kakuma. Reporting to the Project Officer – Financial Inclusion (PO-FI), the role aims to support the implementation of diverse financial inclusion services. These services are designed to empower micro, small, and medium enterprises in Kakuma refugee camp, Kalobeyei Settlement, and the host community. The primary focus will be on assisting these enterprises in achieving sustainability and profitability.

Key Responsibilities:

Project Management:

  • Lead the identification, mobilization, and formation of various community/youth groups/enterprises, preparing them to access support through DCA-led initiatives.
  • Conduct business assessments in collaboration with partner Financial Service Providers (FSP) to identify entrepreneurs/enterprises eligible for DCA support, including Business Development Services (BDS) and internal financing initiatives.
  • Provide onsite support and regular visits to onboarded businesses/entrepreneurs.
  • Offer strategic advice to help clients achieve their business growth objectives.
  • Onboard selected businesses and entrepreneurs into the project, including providing information sessions on participation requirements and processes.
  • Ensure compliance with access to finance processes, procedures, and best practices, including loan applications, appraisals, and repayments for enterprises.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date business information for project participants using relevant project management tools.
  • Support the PO-FI in meeting minimum standards for project management and accountability.

Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance:

  • Provide technical assistance to implementing teams in the area of financial inclusion, collaborating with other DCA-supported project partners.
  • Assist in the formation and strengthening of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) through financial literacy training.
  • Contribute to the development of a youth enterprise revolving fund in partnership with the Financial Service Provider.

Training & Capacity Development:

  • Identify training needs for project participants and incentive workers and explore options to address them.
  • Conduct training for all recruited entrepreneurs (refugees and host entrepreneurs) onboarded into the project, in coordination with the PO-FI.
  • Enhance the capacity of incentive workers who engage with enterprises.
  • Participate in relevant project-related training opportunities.

Mentorship, Linkages, Collaboration, and Partnership:

  • Advise entrepreneurs on financing and investment opportunities and challenges within their respective businesses.
  • Lead innovative and cost-effective approaches aligned with the business objectives of project participants.
  • Connect clients to opportunities that support their business growth, including access to finance and market linkages.
  • Collaborate with the Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL) and Financial Inclusion teams to address the holistic needs of project participants.

Staff Management:

  • Directly manage and motivate the incentive workers involved in the project, setting clear objectives and providing regular supervision and reviews.
  • Ensure incentive workers attend and participate in project management meetings as scheduled.
  • Oversee the recruitment and replacement of competent incentive staff as needed.
  • Monitor and provide objective feedback on the performance of incentive staff, including objective-setting, probation, and performance reviews.

Communication & Reporting:

  • Prepare and share project reports in a timely manner.
  • Collect data using various methods to inform project actions and decisions.
  • Communicate program details to both host and refugee project participants.
  • Report any gaps or challenges faced by clients during program implementation to DCA leadership.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.

Key Qualifications And Experience:

  • A degree in social science, business management, or related fields. A diploma with relevant experience will also be considered.
  • Proven experience working with youth-focused MSMEs on access to finance and business development services.
  • First-hand experience in developing and reviewing innovative financing and loan products for entrepreneurs within a lending institution/micro-finance is preferred.
  • Experience in supporting the implementation of community-led savings schemes.
  • Strong understanding of loan regulations in Kenya, including Sharia-compliant business financing.
  • Experience in providing financial advice, financial education, business mentorship, and coaching to entrepreneurs.
  • Ability to assess customer financial status and advise on suitable products and limits.
  • Familiarity with the challenges and opportunities for refugee-led small and medium enterprises in a refugee context.
  • Experience working with refugee populations/enterprises or in a refugee context is an added advantage.
  • Excellent relationship management skills in a multi-stakeholder context.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a proven team player.
  • Self-driven and results-oriented, even in challenging refugee/rural working environments.

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