Medical Officer at Juja Road Hospital

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Juja Road Hospital

Job Description: Medical Officer at Juja Road Hospital

Position: Medical Officer

Location: Juja Road Hospital


  1. Conduct comprehensive medical assessments and examinations of patients.
  2. Diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries.
  3. Collaborate with healthcare professionals to plan and implement patient care.
  4. Order and interpret diagnostic tests to aid in accurate diagnosis.
  5. Provide timely and appropriate medical treatment and interventions.
  6. Maintain accurate and up-to-date medical records for all patients.
  7. Participate in medical rounds and discussions to enhance patient care.
  8. Stay informed about the latest advancements in medical science and technology.
  9. Educate patients on preventive healthcare measures and treatment options.
  10. Adhere to ethical and professional standards in medical practice.


  1. Medical degree from a recognized institution.
  2. Valid medical practicing license from the relevant regulatory body.
  3. Residency training in a relevant specialty is an advantage.
  4. Proven experience working as a Medical Officer, preferably in a hospital setting.
  5. Strong diagnostic and decision-making skills.
  6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  7. Ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team.

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