Analytics Associate at Poa Internet

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Poa Internet

Mission Statement for the Role: 

Telling data stories to move an audience to action!

Overall Responsibility: 

As a data storyteller, you will analyse data, creating compelling narratives that inform, inspire and support business decisions while contributing to enhancing Poa’s data infrastructure.

Key SMART Results for A-Player Success

  • Analyse customer data through monitoring and reporting on the upgraded poa! Product delivering daily analytics reports with recommendations on immediate actions for business to course correct. – By end of Q3 2024
  • Complete Where Next analysis and reports advising business on market fit delivered within 3 days of each expansion validation and within 7 days of each new area validation (in collaboration with Research and Design teams). – By end of Q3 2024
  • Customer renewal profiles and predictive churn models developed through an in-depth examination of delinquency and churn data; data-driven recommendations determined and presented to stakeholders, contributing to churn reduction.- By end of Q3 2024
  • Implemented and integrated poa! Data warehouse into easy-to-use dashboards for the management team and operational department (in collaboration with Product team).- By end of Q4 2024
  • Complete an exhaustive analysis of 100% of Customer data generated in via Icon, deliver a report that extracts meaningful insights and gives actionable recommendations that improve Icon platform. – By end of Q4 2024
  • Deliver 99% of ‘business as usual’ and on-demand analytical reports for diverse teams according to agreed-upon timeframes to support informed decision-making.- By end of Q1 2025

Department stage of development where this role sits


Key Competencies (H, M, L)

  • A great data storyteller with proven experience in telling compelling data stories -H
  • Firm grasp of using business data analytical tools (e.g. Excel, SQL, Power BI) to analyse data -H
  • Experience in extracting, transforming and loading data to BI tools for analysis and story telling -M
  • 2+ years experience with doing large and complex descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis -H
  • Experience with data collection and survey tools is an added advantage, but not mandatory -M
  • Attention to detail – Ability to focus on all areas of a project or task -H
  • Growth mindset – Proactively seek feedback, adjust and learn quickly -H

Mandatory criteria with no exceptions to hire

  • Must have owned end-to-end data projects, from definition to data story delivery
  • Must have minimum 2–3 years experience as a data analyst working with large datasets

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