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Project Rukarara| Data Evaluator

Contribute with data annotation that helps build state-of-the-art AI-powered models for the given target languages.

We’re looking for data annotators to help us build a benchmark for stereotypes evaluation.

Project Task:

In this project, you will be provided with a set of tuples, which include an identity group and an associated attribute (e.g. Asian, Good at Maths) for the annotation, and you are expected to determine whether the associated attribute is a stereotype (a commonly held, though oversimplified, idea or opinion about an identity group), or is not a stereotype.

Project Requirements:

  • You must have good command of English in order to understand the project-related materials, and the task itself, as the instructions and annotation task itself will be in English, except for the tuples, which will be provided in your native language
  • You must be be a native speaker of the one of the below languages and residing in one of the following countries
    • French – France (completed)
    • Japanese – Japan (completed)
    • Spanish – Mexico (completed)
    • Spanish – Spain (completed)
    • Bangladesh – Bengali (progressing)
    • Portuguese – Portugal (progressing)
    • Portuguese – Brazil (progressing)
    • Turkish – Turkey (hiring)
    • German – Germany (hiring)
    • Korean – Korea (hiring)
    • Vietnamese – Vietnam (hiring)
    • Dutch – Netherlands (hiring)
    • Indonesian – Indonesia (hiring)
    • Malay – Malaysia (hiring)
    • Arabic – UAE (hiring)
    • Tamil – India (hiring)
    • Vietnamese – Vietnam (hiring)
    • Thai – Thailand (hiring)
    • Italian – Italy (hiring)
    • Swahili- Kenya (hiring)
  • You must have access to a computer and stable internet, no mobile device allowed.

This is currently a small pilot project, please apply now as we only need a small pool of candidates per language! 

To apply for this job please visit