Food & Beverage Cashier-Radisson Hotel Group

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Radisson Hotel Group

Responsibilities and Tasks

Your role entails ensuring the accurate collection and recording of all revenue generated from restaurant sales within the POS system. This involves the following duties:

  1. Float Verification and Reporting: Begin your shift by verifying the restaurant’s float amount and promptly report any discrepancies to the General Cashier for resolution.
  2. Float Handover: At the end of your shift, ensure the intact float amount is handed over to your colleague who will be taking over the next shift.
  3. Guest Seating and Table Creation: As guests are welcomed and seated, collaborate with the F & B team to open a table in the POS system. This confirms the number of guests dining at that table.
  4. Order Processing: Once a guest places an order (food, beverages, tobacco, etc.), ensure it is promptly entered into the POS system (MICROS) using the correct keys. Subsequently, communicate the order to the production areas via the Micros check printer. It’s vital that orders are not produced before being posted in Micros.
  5. Special Requests and Open Items: In the case of unique requests or unavailable menu items, you may use the Open Food or Beverage keys with supervisor approval. However, any such instances should be documented on a standard form and submitted to the F & B Cost Controller at the end of your shift.
  6. Check Closure: After settling the guest’s bill, ensure checks are closed using the appropriate payment method. Always provide guests with a copy of the receipt, especially when receiving cash payments.
  7. Guest Packages and Complimentary Meals: Obtain the “Guest In-house list with Package by Room” from Opera via the Front Office prior to the outlet’s opening. Bills for inclusive rates should be raised and posted to respective rooms as per the report’s guidance. Complementary meals must also be posted in Micros, accompanied by a signed complementary form approved by the department head.
  8. Duty Meals and Manager’s Bills: Track duty meals consumed by obtaining signatures on the Duty Manager’s sheet against the consumers’ names. Bills for the manager’s beverage drinks should be generated, with the manager’s signature required for discounts.
  9. Billing and Record Keeping: Sequentially use bills based on their serial numbers. Record bills on the Summary sheet, including bill serial number, check number, and settlement columns (Cash, Credit card, Room charge, Mpesa, Comp/Duty meal), and ensure meticulous record-keeping.
  10. End of Shift Tasks: Complete the bill summary sheet, and Food and Beverage Summary form, and print the financial report. Verify that all totals align with the bill control sheet. Safely store cash in the shift drop safe, submit bills to the back office, and verify the Float before handing it over to your colleague.
  11. Other Assigned Duties: Be prepared to undertake any additional tasks assigned to you.

Required Skills

To excel in this role, you should possess the following skills and experiences:

  • Proficiency in Sales and Catering
  • Familiarity with Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Previous experience in Catering Service, both Casual and Fine Dining
  • Competency in handling cash and money transactions
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Fluent English communication skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Cash Registers and Money Handling

By submitting your application, you confirm your possession of these skills.

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