Digital Collections Agent at HF Group

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

HF Group

Principle Accountabilities

  • Develop and refine negotiation skills to maximize the recovery of delinquent accounts while maintaining positive customer relations.

 Customer Outreach.

  • Contact delinquent account holders through digital channels such as email, SMS, and online chat to remind them of outstanding payments.

 Payment Negotiations.

  • Engage in negotiations to establish payment plans or settlements with customers who are behind on their payments, while adhering to bank policies and regulations.

 Security and Confidentiality.

  • Safeguard customer information and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data in accordance with data protection laws and bank policies.

 Customer Assistance.

  • Assist customers in understanding their financial obligations, payment options, and the consequences of non-payment, while demonstrating empathy and professionalism. Handle questions or complaints regarding digital loans.


  • Maintain accurate records of all communication with customers, payment arrangements, and any relevant information regarding the collection efforts and keeping track of assigned accounts to identify outstanding efforts.
  •  Investigate and resolve discrepancies together with the team leader.
  •  Plan course of action to recover outstanding payments.
  •  Create trust relationships with debtors when possible to avoid future issues.
  •  Update account status regularly.
  •  Alert superiors of debtors unwilling or unable to pay when necessary.
  •  Communicate with management and other team members about methods and strategies to ensure a positive rate of customers agreeing to repay their debts.
  •  Participate in team meetings and huddles for improvements in the team process and tasks.

Key Competencies and Skills
Technical Competencies

  •  Data Analysis
  •  Reporting.
  •  Regulatory framework Knowledge.
  •  Adherence to data protection statutes
  •  Digital Communication Tools.
  •  Credit Scoring and Risk Assessment.

General competencies

  •  Excellent communication and people skills.
  •  Apt in negotiating and persuading.
  •  Customer Service Orientation.
  •  Time management.
  •  Problem solving.
  •  Emotional intelligence
  •  Strong business acumen

Minimum Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience
Qualifications- Academic and Professional

  •  Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University preferably in a business-related field


  •  Experience in working with targets and tight deadlines.
  •  At least one-year experience in a collection/recoveries role
  •  Working knowledge of MS Office and databases.

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